These are some of the people I follow and learn from.  Most of them via their podcasts and even their snap chats.

  • Chalene Johnson – Great balance of work life balance. (Podcasts and Snapchat, Author)
  • Tai Lopez – Lots of great teachings (Podcasts, YouTube and Snapchat, Instagram).  Master marketer
  • Gary Vaynerchuck – Also great teachings, he grinds and hustles like no other. (Podcasts, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram) Master marketer, Investor, Author but not a book reader.  He gives practical insights daily.
  • James Altucher – His podcasts stand out the most (great interviews) and helped get me back into book reading.
  • Abraham Hicks – Lots of YouTube recordings of teachings to manifest your goals and dreams.  I’ve learned some great insights from the clues of emotions to when to take action (inspired action).

One thing I’ve noticed in all the successful people I follow they dream big which is a big part of manifesting/creating/achieving your goals and dreams.

So ask your self are you dreaming?  Can you dream more and bigger?

Take the step of writing so dreams and goals down right NOW!