Businesses I’m involved in.

2002 to Present – I founded this company with 2 partners in 2002.  We provide Terminal Server Hosting (Remote desktop hosting), and server hosting for websites, applications and databases like SQL Server.   Running this company taught me a lot of skills for SEO Search Engine Optimization as well as Pay Per Click advertising as well some social media advertising.

TSKR Inc.  is our Texas based real-estate company I cofounded around 2001.  We do a combination of rentals, flips and hopefully development in 2017 for multi-family rentals.

Patents I have a couple of issued patents that I’m working to license out.

We are just now (2017) launching which is based on my 10 plus years of barndominium experience working with  This site will save barndominium builders time and money by offering plans for much less than they otherwise will pay for having plans drawn from scratch.  We are using SEO and social media heavily with this company to reach fans and customers.

Podcasts – – This was my first podcast that although is started not knowing much I’m glad I actually recorded shows (a lot in a loud truck) because I got in the habit of recording and I learned some of the process to producing a podcast.  The goal of this podcast was to inspire people to start their own business and give them tips of how to do it.  I also recorded book reviews and will revive it in 2017 with more book reviews. – This podcast benefited from having done interviews with the first podcast and applying this to my hobby of Autocross Racing.  It is a great example of focusing on a niche market.  This podcast also benefited from joining a podcasting mastermind “The Solo Lab” which a friend Michael O’Neal offers.  I learned how to set the podcast file up with notes and images which are very important for people to be able to find your show.